Hi, I'm Sanjukta! I support NGOs, funders, and other non-profit organisations as a PMEL consultant by: 

  1. creating bespoke tools and processes that strengthen your programming and PMEL;

  2. providing ongoing advisory and strategic support to your entire team; and

  3. building your skills and expertise.


My goal is to develop your expertise in PMEL. I also build strong systems that can help you tell stories of change and share your impact. I want to simplify these ideas to help make PMEL exciting and useful for you and your communities.

I use participatory, decolonised, intersectional, and inclusive approaches in all my work. I purposely focus on 'niche' processes in my work and the way I do business. Read more about my philosophies and approaches here.

The SMC Group is proudly queer, feminist, and anti-racist.


All of this links with my philosophies and the core focus of my boutique consultancy in making PMEL engaging and fun. 


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My name is pronounced 'Sun-yook-tha'. 

(Sun like the sun, 'yook' rhymes with 'book' and 'tha' is soft like 'the').

I am a queer woman from South India and my pronouns are she/her/ella. 




Donor Relationship Management

Project and Programme Design

Theories of Change

Logframes and Results-Based Management



Multi-Year Evaluations

Synthesis Analyses 

Grantee Reporting and Evaluation


Donor Reporting

Indicator Development

I provide bespoke PMEL services - throughout your project and strategy cycles and provide ongoing advisory support and expertise. 

Find out more about my experiences, areas of expertise, and approaches to PMEL. 

I write about new ideas, and share my  resources and knowledge.


I also profile organisations and people that inspire my work. 

I provide advisory support, workshops, and skill-building on many topics.


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Publicly-available reports, evaluations, guides, meta-synthesis.


Also includes pieces I have contributed to.

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