Hi, I'm Sanjukta! I support NGOs, funders, and other non-profit organisations as a PMEL consultant by: 

  1. creating bespoke tools and processes that strengthen your programming and PMEL;

  2. providing ongoing advisory and strategic support to your entire team; and

  3. building your skills and expertise.


My goal is to develop your expertise in PMEL. I also build strong systems that can help you tell stories of change and share your impact. I want to simplify these ideas to help make PMEL exciting and useful for you and your communities.

I use participatory, decolonised, intersectional, and inclusive approaches in all my work. The SMC Group is a proudly queer, feminist, and anti-racist boutique consultancy.

I purposely focus on 'niche' processes in my work and the way I do business. Read more about my philosophies and approaches here. These approaches link with my vision to make PMEL impactful, engaging, and relevant.  


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My name is pronounced 'Sun-yook-tha'. 

(Sun like the sun, 'yook' rhymes with 'book' and 'tha' is soft like 'the').

I am a queer woman from South India and my pronouns are she/her/ella. 




Donor Relationship Management

Project and Programme Design

Theories of Change

Logframes and Results-Based Management



Multi-Year Evaluations

Synthesis Analyses 

Grantee Reporting and Evaluation


Donor Reporting

Indicator Development

Behind M&E Lines

Tools, workbooks, guides, and templates to develop your expertise around PMEL. They focus on participatory, decolonised, intersectional, and inclusive approaches. I also share examples and ideas from other industries to help stimulate your thinking, with practical tips for adding these to your existing processes.  

I share my global experiences and expertise freely to help break the elitist paywall they normally hide behind. That's why it's called 'Behind M&E Lines'. ​It's all free, multidisciplinary, and plug-and-play. You can download and start using everything today.

I know how helpful and valuable the right tools can be, if they're written properly in a language that makes sense and if they're informed by the real world and all its complexities. So there may be some theory but for the most part, these are practical tools for everyone to use.

I provide bespoke PMEL services - throughout your project and strategy cycles and provide ongoing advisory support and expertise. 

Find out more about my experiences, areas of expertise, and approaches to PMEL. 

I write about new ideas and share my knowledge. I also profile organisations and people that inspire my work. 

I provide advisory support, workshops, and skill-building. You can easily choose from the menu, or get in touch for a tailored service.

Publicly-available reports, evaluations, guides, meta-synthesis. Also includes pieces I have contributed to.

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