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Workshops - Donors

Includes private and institutional philanthropy, individual donors, intermediaries, and donor networks. Here's a sample of workshops offered, tailored to your needs and realities.


But don't worry if you don't see what you need here! Get in touch to let me know what you'd like, and I'd be glad to provide an outline and estimate for you.


I regularly develop new offerings, and am always happy to create new products for you! Check out the blog for some inspiration, and my free resources here


Mapping the Field/Situation Analysis 

2-3 hours

Reviews different methods to scan your context, including its relation to project mapping and stakeholder analysis.


We discuss methods from the business sector including SWOT, PESTEL, and SWOT-BEEM analysis, and tools to analyse your national and regional context. 


Optional add-on: a situation mapping exercise following a participatory rural appraisal framework, to help you articulate your problems and needs, and to support these findings with evidence. 


Risks and Challenges

2-3 hours

Outlines the key differences between risks and challenges, and how this relates to your external stakeholders. 


We discuss why this is important to donors, and how this relates to strengthening organisational capacities. We then walk through examples of articulating risks and challenges separately, including mitigation strategies. 


Mixed-Methods Data

2-3 hours

Focusses on data types, gathering, and validation. We discuss the key elements of qualitative and quantitative data, their pros and cons, and their relationships. 

Optional add-on: group exercise based around a mixed-methods, storytelling methodology, using an example of your work.


Results Chain and Accountability

2-3 hours

Reviews the different elements of a project through a results chain, noticing the linkages and using a backwards tracing methodology to ensure we are working towards the project's objectives. 


We discuss your organisation's accountability to communities, key decision-makers, and internal stakeholders.



2-3 hours

Demonstrates how to create and share stories of change.


We review the use of mixed methods, participatory research methodologies to demonstrate how to involve your partners and communities in sharing their most interesting insights. 


The training draws from other disciplines including journalism and the women's movement to share our ideas for gathering impactful stories of change that relate to your project's objectives. 


Optional add-on: a practical exercise breaking down an exciting story into its elements. We then work in groups to prepare our own stories of change, using existing projects as a guide. 


Contributions to Change

2-3 hours

Reviews the key differences between contributions and attributions to change.


The workshop uses a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify broader movements towards change, using a situation mapping methodology. We will work to separate the contributions of your organisation's work towards short-, medium-, and long-term results. 


Lessons Learned and Sustainability

2-3 hours

Establishes best practices to gather and analyse lessons learned.


We discuss how to gather data from a range of sources, including developing internal reflection moments. 


We then articulate key methods to use these to identify your longer-term needs and build a case for further funding. 


Writing for Impact

2-3 hours

Reviews the importance of reporting using change language.


We discuss active and passive voice, and demonstrates the impact of combining these to strengthen key arguments made in your writing.  


Optional add-on: a group exercise where we review and edit key sections of a sample report, to find best practices and consider how using different voices and languages can change what is being shared. 


Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

1 week

A bespoke training and coaching support series, conducted over a week. 

We will work together to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics used to track your impact, following a mixed methods framework. We will create a defined impact message, update your theory of change, and establish frameworks to gather important impact metrics 


Donor Reporting Overview

3 days

A three-day interactive session that breaks down a donor report into parts and builds skills relevant to each. 

We begin with an overview of summarising key achievements, writing about activities and outcomes, and laying the foundation for future interventions and work. 


This training is bespoke to your needs, and is based on a literature review and staff interviews. 

How I Can Help You 


​Find out more about what I could do for you here. If there's something else you'd like support with, I'd love to talk more about your needs. Schedule a no-strings-attached, 30-minute consultation with me! 

- Sanjukta

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