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Due to data protection rules and the terms of specific contracts, these are the only publications that I am able to share widely.  For further resources and samples of work, please see the Blog and Resources pages. 

Charge Norway​
Mobilizing Immigrant-powered Businesses in Norway: An Assessment of Charge Norway (2020)

This impact assessment of an entrepreneurship and start-up incubator program in Norway was conducted as a team.


Through independent surveys and data analysis, we assessed the importance of building sustainable business models for immigrant-run firms, as well as the impact on people's personal and professional lives. 


A recommendations section comprised a field-level analysis and the creation of bespoke indicators and outcomes for success, used by Charge for their long-term impact assessment. 

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UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)
Getting to Zero: Good practices from syntheses of UNFPA country program evaluations (2019)

This meta-evaluation and data synthesis project was conducted as part of a team. 


I coded and analysed key data from 56 country reports for the UN Population Fund to identify key successes and lessons learned.

We wrote a report for the organisation's 50th anniversary, which We shared at an international conference.


It was also used for strategic planning and to strengthen their M&E system. 

The Key to Change: Women's Movements and the Sustainable Development Goals​
A multilingual online survey, mixed methods research, and evidence base (2019-2020)

This project surveyed global women's rights organisations engaging in movement building. We asked them to plot their key achievements and results and aligned them with the SDGs.


We hypothesise that such groups receive disproportionately little funding, considering the scale of their impact.


We plotted these achievements, created an online base of evidence, and developed training and capacity building tools to help to fundraise.

The Key to Change​
Impact Report (2020)

This report analysed the responses to a global survey sent to women's rights organisations engaging in movement building.


It highlights the important role they play in achieving long-term changes across the diverse outcomes of the SDGs.


As part of a team, I coded the results, interpreted key data points, and analysed mixed-methods results-based data to draw an overall picture of global impact. We compiled this into an engaging online report with data visualisations to help organisations secure long-term funding.

Case Study ​
Pastoralist Women's Council, Tanzania (2020)

This case study was written as part of a team for the Key to Change project. We analysed PWC's survey responses alongside one-on-one interviews and an in-depth literature review.


We drew from their staff and communities' key stories of change and their mission-driven work. We aligned their achievements since 1997 with the most important social norms change they have managed in the Maasai community. We shared these incredible achievements with stories of change and data representing their impact, aligning it all with the long-term goals of the SDGs. 

Case Study ​
International Women's Development Agency, Australia (2020)

This case study was written as part of a team, for the Key to Change project. IWDA's survey response was analysed using a mixed-methods approach, and I followed this up with bilateral interviews and informal conversations with staff.


We wrote this case study to reflect IWDA's mission and their key achievements over the past decade, aligning them with the SDGs. The case study presents qualitative and quantitative indicators of changes and is complemented by key stories of change. 

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