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'Equality vs. Equity' | ISST | Artist: Angus Maguire

I charge fair prices for my work, reflecting my expertise and years of experience. I am fully committed to providing you with quality, equitable, and bespoke PMEL support that addresses your needs.

But I also know that financial realities are different across the world and that toxic capitalism has many limitations. So, I provide: ​​

  • payment schedules
  • a sliding scale
  • pro bono work

  • bartering

My Fees and How it Works

I have a daily rate and range. This can vary according to client type, geography, income, and other realities. It is also determined by the size of your proposed project and your needs. 

It's part of my philosophy of equity and justice to ensure that anyone who needs support can receive it. I take on as much of the resulting financial burden as I can while allowing myself to run a successful business. 

I subsidise my work with smaller, less-resourced organisations. These groups need the opportunities, skills, and resources to grow and balance out the scales.

I want to make access to quality materials more equitable. It's unfair that only those who can afford a large team, specialised training or materials are given access to knowledge. I strongly believe that our work needs to be more transparent and that more resources should be free. Knowledge is power. 

A lot is broken with how our sector works and the rat-race mentality of toxic capitalism.

And because we are all part of the rat race, I do not share my daily rate publicly. Please ask for it during our kickoff call or at any point during our conversations. I know you will need it to plan your budget, and it is an important factor in making a decision.

I share my fees with clients during the contracting stage as part of a larger document about my Code of Contact. This is a contract annex, outlining how I work, subcontracting, philosophies around PMEL, invoicing and payments, intellectual property, project management, and others. 

Payment Schedules

I invoice clients at the end of the month, with payment due within ten working days. Additional fees for late payments apply. All of this is covered in my Code of Conduct. I'm open to a different arrangement that can work for us. 

The fee structure is always agreed upon in advance when we sign a contract where outputs and activities are also clear - so there are no surprises for any of us. I am open to flexibility with this schedule (agreed in advance) to accommodate your preferred financial timeline or processes. 

Sliding Scale

Fees alone should never be a barrier to receiving the support you need, so a sliding scale is available. You can use this to find the right services at a price level that works for you.

I work on a trust system and will never demand that you share your annual reports or financial documents. Please, therefore, treat this scale with respect, and I ask that you honestly and deliberately consider the following. 

  • Your ultimate outcomes or objectives and the steps you need to get there. This allows us to build a proper set of services that can allow you to meet your goals.

  • Your personal and organisational situations, and whether you have the resources to meet these goals. This does not just include financial resources. Sometimes we may need to work for just a few days a month, but on a process that would take six to eight months. Are you prepared to spend that time on this project? 

  • Whether you can afford a higher tier and your personal and organisational realities. If so, please consider this. It would allow me to offer my work to those who would benefit from a different tier. 

  • Whether there is any other support you need to meet these goals, and who in your networks can help you meet them. 

[The scale was inspired by The Coaching Fellowship's tiers​]

Pro Bono

I also work pro bono for one client per month, depending on your needs, the project, and my availability. The most common pro bono services I offer are products or workshops, though sometimes advisory and technical support is also available. You can also subscribe to my blog for free resources and tools. 


I use a barter system to actively step outside a financial transactional relationship with our sector. I can exchange my services or products for any expertise you, your colleagues, or your organisation have. Let's get creative with how we view our time and knowledge - get in touch to discuss this further. 

Who I Work With


I work with individuals and organisations that identify as marginalised - clients, partners, and on my team.


If you are not marginalised but are interested in or are actively challenging systems of oppression, I will also prioritise working with you.


This could include decolonising, becoming anti-racist, intersectional, participatory, or addressing other inequities and structural imbalances. You may be based in a rich country and have your own privileges - as I do - but you are working actively to engage youth activists in poorer countries, for example.

Intention and values matter deeply to me.


I cannot support organisations that perpetuate existing power dynamics, are complacent in tackling these issues, or are happy to continue to benefit from their unfair privileges.

So what does it mean to be marginalised?

It means that certain groups of people with power and access, or systems of oppression, are hoarding it all and are keeping other groups from opportunities. They may be holding other groups back from even having access to resources. If you're imagining a faceless mass of rich, old, White, able-bodied, cis-gendered men in polyester suits, you'd be right. 

You can be marginalised for several reasons, but here are some of the most common: due to economics, class, caste, neurodiversity, age, creed, ancestry, race, education, gender, sex, physical or intellectual disability, sexuality, political beliefs, geography, or other 'markers'.

You can be marginalised and still have relative privilege, like me. I am a South Indian woman. At work, I was marginalised by being paid less, harassed, and threatened by bullies. I have been denied jobs - including consulting work - because no one wants to sponsor immigrants for a work visa. 

But I have class and caste privilege. I'm Brahmin from South India. While I may not personally be holding anyone back, I benefit from the caste system in India. It keeps a woman exactly the same as me, who happens to be born to another family in another part of the country, from choosing her life. 

I work to tackle that imbalance and that injustice. It's not fair for only certain voices to be better represented in our sector than others - to get more funding, visibility, whatever.

This selectivity has had certain consequences for my business. But it ensures that my work aligns with my purpose and values. 

How I Can Help You 


​Find out more about what I could do for you here. If there's something else you'd like support with, I'd love to talk more about your needs. Schedule a no-strings-attached, 30-minute consultation with me! 

- Sanjukta

Ready to discuss your needs, project, or have a specific question? You can easily book a no-strings-attached 30-minute consultation with me here.

Want to talk more via email instead? Contact me here or via email and I'll take it from there! 

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