• Sanjukta Moorthy

What is a Theory of Change - and what could it be?

I use this distinction in my Theory of Change workshops to get a common foundation of what a Theory of Change can be used for - and what it should be. Use it as a checklist to make sure your ToC is measuring up - and if not, get in touch. We can build a stronger one!

What it is and can be:

  • a visualisation

  • a representation of the full range of changes and interventions needed

  • a map of your different communities' involvement

  • a recognition of non-linear change

  • a tool to help you make assumptions

  • a way to have discussions across groups

What it should be (all of the above, plus):

  • participatory and inclusive

  • transparent and easily accessible to everyone

  • accountable to your communities

  • a wide analysis of your needs

  • a way to help address these needs

  • a map of your context/operating environment

  • an assessment of your assets

  • a representation of your communities' and groups' perspectives

  • evidence-based