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  • Sanjukta Moorthy

September and October

I wanted to share some exciting updates from the past two months and what I'm looking forward to in the final two months.

This is always a slower time of year, which I love. Some projects are ending, and some new ones for next year are taking shape. I enjoy this time to reflect and plan, taking things a little slower. This is when I normally start learning and knowledge-sharing projects with clients who want to reflect on the year just gone.

How about you? Are you enjoying this lull too, or are things more busy than usual as deadlines come closer?


Image: Tile detail from the Palacio Nasrid in the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain (Sanjukta Moorthy)

In September, I visited Granada for a few days. I met up with Siobhán Talty, a fellow MEAL consultant based there. The community of PMEL consultants in Spain is quite small, especially outside Madrid, so it's always nice to come across others. We had a great afternoon talking about work and life in Granada. Check out her work here and join our Slack community.


I have been working from India for the past month. One of the great joys of remote consultancy is that your office view can shift as you please!

I've been planning this trip for years, and it's been wonderful. We took some time away in Kerala and are now in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I've been working and reading a lot about how Indian NGOs and researchers are implementing participatory methods in their PMEL. I'll share some book recommendations in my next email!


Over the next two months:

In November and December, I'll be back to work in full swing, wrapping up my consultancy with Just Associates. It's bittersweet since we've worked together for 1.5 years. Their MEL expertise and the team have grown, and I'm so pleased with our work. I'll build a roadmap for them to continue our work together and implement the frameworks, policies, tools, and other ideas I created for them.

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