• Sanjukta Moorthy

Reblog: Moving Philanthropy Beyond Crisis Response to Structural Change

Anna Fink, ED at Amalgamated Foundation, wrote this piece for the Center of Effective Philanthropy.

In a year like this, when we are all grappling with new realities, the world of philanthropy has been forced to finally re-examine the ways it has always worked. CEP released a timely report on how foundations can best respond to the crisis, which you can find here.

The piece looks at the roles of technology and collaboration as two key strategies that philanthropy can use to deepen its impact and become more relevant in this changing world.

As we look forward to the many changes the new year will bring, one thing is clear: philanthropy as a sector needs to make structural changes of our own to maximize our support for long-lasting social change. Our funding must be guided by the needs of impacted communities, and not by rigid funding priorities and processes.