• Sanjukta Moorthy

M&E Book Club Discussion 1: Inciting Social Change

Is Inciting Social Change Something Eval
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For our M&E Book Club's first meeting this week, we're reading this article from the journal New Directions for Evaluation.

Leah C. Neubauer and Melvin E. Hall review the role of evaluation and evaluators when it comes to working towards social change. Over the course of nine volumes, they review how the role of evaluators as independent assessors of an organisation or situation would make their intervening in social change inappropriate. On the other hand, they are directly making judgements on the value and success of certain projects, and making judgements on the role of power.

A thought-provoking piece! I'm sharing it here for your review. I would love to know what you think - and please join our group discussion on the pieces here!