• Sanjukta Moorthy

July and August

I hope you're doing well and had a great summer! Being fortunate enough to live in Barcelona I enjoyed lots of sun, sea, and sangria.

I wanted to reach out, share some exciting updates from the past two months, and what I'm looking forward to in September and October.


In July, I was invited to contribute my insights on inclusion and representation. The Humanitarian Advisory Group and GLOW Consultants in Pakistan are researching how people and institutions from poorer countries are represented in humanitarian work and research specifically. I was interviewed for my experiences as an Indian in humanitarian and development work, but also because it's an important topic to me, as you know. The research should be released later this year, and I'll share it with you. [Image credit: Sonaksha Iyengar]


Useful Tips and Tricks

I've created a library of free materials for our sector. It includes toolkits, templates, methodologies, how-tos, infographics, and other useful resources. It's part of my commitment to develop skills and expertise around PMEL. Let me know what you think of these two.

I want this library to be useful and actionable for you, << Test First Name >>. Hit reply to this and let me know what you'd like and what you're missing - a budget template, toolkit on cleaning data, anything at all!

Podcast: Stand firm behind your work

My episode of the Women in Consulting podcast, with Janet Whitelaw-Jones. I share useful tips for starting out, and the important mindsets you need to have, especially as a woman.

Storytelling as Impact Measurement How to apply a storytelling methodology to the data you already have and gather. I share ideas on mixing your data to tell a story of change and bring your work to life.


Over the next two months:

I'm working on a feminist database for a client, which will help to gather information about their communities and their work. We're building it from scratch and hosting it on a secure server. Creating it helped me learn so much about embedding feminist approaches in a quantitative database, and I'm looking forward to finalising it in October.