• Sanjukta Moorthy

Join us - Monitoring & Evaluation Book Club!

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of my latest project - a Monitoring & Evaluation Book Club!

The group is for M&E practitioners and researchers. We'll read a new book (or two!) per month, followed by a group call to expand our horizons by learning together.

The book club started as I discovered some important gaps in my research knowledge, specifically from other industries. There's much that M&E can learn from ecological conservation, even aeronautical engineering.

As I received some incredible recommendations, I realised how interesting it would be for a group of us to learn together, and ask each other thought-provoking questions.

So join us here, and add your thoughts to our incredible, diverse community of practitioners! We come from all over the world, with different experiences and interests, and approaches to M&E. See you there!