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  • Sanjukta Moorthy

2022 Reflections

I hope you're doing great and enjoying this reflective year-end period.

As I wrap up 2022 and plan for next year, I am reaching out to you, my community, with my own reflections.

As you know, I run a boutique consultancy supporting our sector as a PMEL consultant. My approaches are participatory, decolonised, intersectional, and inclusive. This year, I applied them to build feminist and decolonial PMEL systems for Just Associates (JASS), centring their communities of activists.

I also supported their donor reporting, communications, and regional PMEL teams. Together, we strengthened PMEL so it’s part of the growing JASS ecosystem.

Find out more about my work with JASS here.


Here’s a summary of what I do, how I’ve supported organisations and causes that inspire me, and some resources you may find useful:


Planning a new project or programme

With my planning support, you can design meaningful projects that empower your communities. I supported UNICEF Dhaka design proposals for two multi-year early childhood projects. We planned joint activities and MEL strategies with their local partners. I was thrilled that both projects successfully received funding from the FCDO.

Resource: I used my Results Framework planning guide to prioritise partners’ perspectives and ensure equity in both projects.


Monitoring a project and designing a framework

I provide bespoke monitoring tools and advisory support with a localised focus, using culturally-appropriate methods. JASS regularly monitors its partnerships and wanted a light-touch system that would serve multiple purposes. I designed a participatory and regionally-nuanced system for staff to monitor their programmes and strategic partnerships.

Resource: You can use my Monitoring Tree template to conduct a similar exercise with your teams.


Evaluating your projects/programmes, including impact assessments

My participatory impact assessment support can help you assess your contributions to change. With a team, I conducted a mid-term evaluation of Digital Impact Alliance’s global programmes.

We assessed how they supported the advocacy power of their grassroots partners in East Africa.

Resource: I used a People’s Theory of Change approach to review outcomes important to DIAL’s community.


Learning more from your communities, geographies, and projects

I facilitate learning conversations that help you analyse what works and doesn’t - so your work is always relevant. FGHR is a pioneer in learning from its partners. Inspired by their work in Sierra Leone, I co-designed a learning framework that supports staff to learn and design ever more impactful projects.

Resource: Use this guidance on learning agendas versus plans to find the best combination for your learning culture.


Hosting an event on innovative PMEL approaches as a speaker

I share tips on applying participatory and decolonised approaches to your existing framework. For example, I spoke at a panel discussion with NPC on the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in evaluation.

Resource: Based on conversations during the Q&As, I was inspired to write a blog post on how we can decolonise and shift power in our sector.


As always, please contact me with any questions or feedback about my work or these resources. Let me know if you found them useful, what you’d like to see more of, and what you’re working on. What here resonates with something you’re experiencing or have in mind? I’d love to hear more and discuss your needs with you. You can either leave a comment below or email me!


Looking Ahead

My hope for next year is to continue to share even more exciting new experiences with you. New opportunities to continue supporting important work, with inspiring organisations. Perhaps yours? I look forward to speaking with you! Sanjukta

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