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Learning Advisory Support

Here's a sample of advisory support specific to learning from your projects, programmes, and other organisation-level moments. These are tailored to your needs, but don't worry if you don't see what you need here!


Get in touch to let me know what you'd like, and I'd be glad to provide an outline and estimate for you.

I regularly develop new offerings, and am always happy to create new products for you! Check out the blog for some inspiration, and my free resources here


Knowledge Management

Advisory Support, Workshops, Exercises, and/or Consultations

Supporting your existing projects, programmes, and organisational-level work to identify key moments of learning. Knowledge management also involves reviewing key materials you produce during these work cycles, to identify important moments for you to learn about your work and key skills as an organisation. 

I will work with your teams to help compile key learning documents, which could also involve creating and managing databases and knowledge management hubs such as Wiki-style pages. 


Learning and Assessment Frameworks

Advisory Support and/or Consultations

Helping your teams to create key frameworks that can help develop your organisation-level learning. This could be anything from grant assessment forms to wider programme-level learning frameworks. 

This will help you identify specific strategies, activities, and approaches to your work that have helped you achieve certain goals and that form a part of your organisational strengths. These frameworks will help you better identify important areas of intervention, and ensure that your future works builds on existing strengths. 


Stakeholder and Beneficiary Feedback

Advisory Support, Workshops, Exercises, and/or Consultations

Support to your programmatic staff to identify key learning moments from your community. This involves the creation and dissemination of survey and other feedback documents, with questions identifying your key strengths and their key needs. 

I will work with you to analyse this feedback and compile a learning document that identifies the most useful interventions you have conducted, and that reflects the needs of your community. In this way, you can help ensure that your work is useful and impactful to your communities. 


Portfolio Reviews

Advisory Support, Workshops, Exercises, and/or Consultations

Support to gather lessons learned, opportunities for reflection, and key outcomes from each of your portfolios of work. 

I will create guiding questions to facilitate focus group-level discussions among your programme team, reviewing your work over the past year. We will discuss the most important achievements, moments of learning, opportunities to develop certain work, and remaining areas of growth to focus on in the year ahead. 

This learning can go into your annual reports, publications, and donor reports to demonstrate your organisational learning. 


Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Advisory Support, Workshops, Exercises, and/or Consultations

Building off the portfolio reviews, I will create best practices and lessons learned documents. I will interview your staff, partners, and donors to identify their key reflections for you and your team. 

This will go into a report that can help inform your project or programme-level planning, so that your work builds off your key programmatic strengths, and considers how lessons learned can help develop more impactful work. 

How I Can Help You 


​Find out more about what I could do for you here. If there's something else you'd like support with, I'd love to talk more about your needs. Schedule a no-strings-attached, 30-minute consultation with me! 

- Sanjukta

Ready to discuss your needs, project, or have a specific question? You can easily book a no-strings-attached 30-minute consultation with me here.

Want to talk more via email instead? Contact me here or via email and I'll take it from there! 

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