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Analysis, reports, tools, workbooks, guides, and templates. I've created dozens of free tools for you to use immediately, compiling my years of experience across geographies and projects.

I want to make access to quality materials more equitable. It's unfair that only those who can afford a large team, specialised training, or materials are given access to knowledge. I strongly believe that our work needs to be more transparent and that more resources should be free. Knowledge is power. 

When I began my career, I couldn't find the resources I was looking for, at a price I could afford or in a language that made it easy to absorb. I attempt to correct that, learning all I can and sharing it.

Everything I create uses participatory, decolonised, intersectional, and inclusive approaches. So it's all unique - you won't find anything 'traditional' here.

Feel free to use my work, but please credit me. When I've shared others' work, I've attributed them. Everything else you see here is my intellectual property and is copyrighted. It's free for you to use, but please be responsible.

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